Written by Russel Fitzjohn on December 15, 2023

Tasks To Do Before Hiring Estate Cleanout Services

Handling the estate of a deceased loved one entails heavy emotional and logistical burdens. Even while family members grieve, important financial, legal, and sentimental items fill the home that need addressing. Instead of tackling the cleanout alone, hire professional estate cleanout services to gently facilitate this immense job. Family members/friends should complete some crucial preparatory tasks before inviting an estate cleanout company into the property.

Locate All Important Paperwork and Documents

Gather vital paperwork like wills, trusts, recent bank statements, tax returns, life insurance policies, stock certificates, and real estate deeds. These financial documents will guide the estate settlement and will likely require retention or shredding after someone’s passing. Also, collect memorable items like photo albums, videotapes, journals, and diplomas. Professional estate cleanout services handle customers’ belongings with care but focus chiefly on removing unwanted goods.

Focus on Details, Check Hidden Spaces

Scan through the home, including garages, attics, basements, and sheds, which often house meaningful relics. Check under sofa cushions, inside nightstand drawers, behind bookcases, and even in jacket pockets. Overlooked spaces hide surprises, both pleasant mementos and problematic mould or infestations. Professionals carry out cleaning and junk removal with attention to detail, so clients need not tackle extensive pre-cleaning. Still, gathering valuables ahead helps prevent cherished items from accidentally entering landfills.

Hire an Estate Appraiser

Consider hiring an estate sale service to appraise belongings, host an event to sell goods, and donate or discard what remains. A qualified estate appraiser can identify valuable antiques and collectibles that family members can sell to offset cleanout costs. An estate sale also prevents prematurely discarding precious heirlooms while clearing space. Any offerings left unsold can be donated to local charities or removed by the estate cleanout company.

Set Aside Any Items You Would Like To Keep, Sell, or Donate

While enduring the emotions of sorting through possessions, avoid hurried decision-making. Set special items intended for relatives safely aside to prevent losing belongings prematurely. Pace yourself and carefully evaluate whether to keep, sell, donate or discard certain goods. Rushing generally leads to regret, so allow enough time for this process.

Ready for the Cleanout Process? Contact Super Junk Today

Once essential tasks are completed, engage reputable estate cleanout professionals like Super Junk Removal to perform physical labour, junk clearing, detailed cleanings, and professional belongings handling. With Super Junk's reliable rubbish removal and compassionate service, families gain comfort while treasured memories are preserved. Contact us today to get started on the estate cleanout process.

Article written by 
Russel Fitzjohn

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