Written by Russel Fitzjohn on December 19, 2023

Special Equipment Needed For Hoarder Cleanouts

When tackling hoarding cleanouts, safety remains the top priority, along with treating individuals respectfully. Professional hoarding specialists understand that clients struggle with hoarding tendencies, not laziness. Below, Super Junk details proper gear for sensitively clearing clutter while protecting ourselves:


Hoarders' homes often contain unhygienic elements like mould, rodents or rotting garbage. Wear thick rubber gloves for picking through piles. Avoid direct skin contact and thoroughly wash hands afterward. Double gloving adds extra protection when hauling obvious trash like food waste or animal feces.

Eye Protection

Dust, debris and even broken glass get unearthed when excavating a hoarder's home. Shield eyes from particles with sealed goggles to prevent injury or irritation. Safety glasses with clear or tinted lenses both suffice depending on lighting conditions. Just ensure that you select a securely fitted, protective pair.


Wading through the clutter requires sturdy footwear that can withstand stepping on sharp objects. Tightly-laced steel-toe boots provide essential protection from smashed materials under piles. Waterproof varieties also guard if you’re dealing with liquid spills or leaks underneath stuff.

Hazmat Suits

For large-scale hoarding cleanouts with excessive garbage or biohazardous waste, hazmat suits ensure full-body coverage. These fully sealed outfits prevent contamination from toxins, bacteria, or chemicals when immersed in extreme clutter. Professional cleaning companies like Super Junk own various sizes to outfit crew members appropriately based on unique hoarding conditions.

Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Clearing rooms overtaken by clutter produces immense waste volume requiring heavy-duty containment. Super Junk hoarding specialists arrive equipped with contractor-grade bags, letting us efficiently remove and securely contain everything extracted. We also bring all necessary cleaning supplies to sanitize and deep clean the clutter-free spaces afterward.

Let the Pros Worry About the Equipment Needed for Hoarding Cleanup - Call Super Junk Today!

Rather than risking safety or further trauma by tackling hoarding disorder alone, engage in compassionate, professional hoarding help. Super Junk's licensed specialists employ proper safeguards for sensitive yet thorough clearouts. We understand the emotional and mental health aspects surrounding hoarding while providing ethical, dignified cleanup services. Contact us today to create an appropriate cleaning strategy focused on restoring a livable home, not judging lifestyle choices. With well-informed junk removal professionals equipped for the unique job, hoarders regain control and comfort.

Article written by 
Russel Fitzjohn

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