Written by Russel Fitzjohn on December 19, 2023

How To Effectively Remove & Dispose Of Old Furniture From Rental Properties

As a rental property owner, dealing with tenants’ old, unwanted furniture after move-outs can be a major hassle. Rather than leaving broken bed frames, scratched wooden furniture, or stained upholstered pieces hanging around your units, quickly and responsibly dispose of these bulky items. Use these key strategies to haul junk from your Winnipeg rentals:

Hauling It to a Garbage Dump

For large piles of damaged furniture, consider directly hauling it to the dump. Rent an affordable dump trailer or dumpster through companies like Super Junk to simplify transport. Measure furniture piles beforehand to ensure you rent adequate dumpster rental sizes. Hauling loads straight to disposal facilities keeps junk from lingering at your property. Just be prepared for dump fees with each furniture-loaded trailer.

Take Your Old Furniture to a Donation Centre

Find local donation centres accepting used couches, tables, or dressers in decent condition. Multiple organizations across Winnipeg gladly take reusable furniture items. This prevents re-dumping quality furnishings when others desire affordable options. However, confirm details like hours of operation, item limitations, furniture pick-up options, etc., with each facility beforehand as policies vary.

Holding a Yard or Garage Sale

Holding a garage or yard sale clears apartment furniture fast, especially if pieces seem antique or retro-styled. List furniture online through local sales pages or sites like Kijiji, then advertise your estate sale. Offer reasonable prices based on items' wear since used furniture won't re-sell for full price. Place pricier collectible or vintage finds on auctions instead. This disposal method takes more effort but raises cash to offset hauling remaining unsold junk.

Putting It Out on the Curb

In Winnipeg, residents can apply for monthly large or bulky item garbage collection online, then set furniture curbside. Items get picked up for standard waste disposal without size limits. However, the city only allows six total pick-ups per address annually. So, for rental properties, arrange this disposal method sparingly when dealing with just a few furniture items between tenants.

Call Super Junk, an Experienced Junk Removal Company

For fast, reliable furniture and junk removal services, call Super Junk. Our team transports any volume of old couches, broken bed frames, or heavy items to appropriate recycling and donation facilities. Super Junk handles all the lifting, loading, and hauling using practices that support eco-friendly waste disposal. We also offer flexible dumpster rental solutions if needed. Trust Winnipeg's leading junk removal experts to clear out rental unit clutter while upholding environmental standards!

Renting a dumpster provides a convenient disposal solution for hauling piles of unwanted tenant furniture. Or contact Super Junk to handle the removal process efficiently while you focus on preparing units for incoming residents. Our junk removal company serves Winnipeg rental owners through prompt, professional furniture pick-ups. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Article written by 
Russel Fitzjohn

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