Written by Russel Fitzjohn on August 21, 2023

Essential Decluttering Tips Before Your Winnipeg Move

Preparing to relocate to a new home in Winnipeg? Advance decluttering and downsizing your possessions will reduce stress, packing time, and junk volume when moving day arrives.

Follow these pro tips from Super Junk to effectively pare down your belongings before relocating:

Give Yourself Enough Time

Don't rush the decluttering process - allocate several weeks or months depending on your possession volume and length of residence. Go room-by-room to thoroughly sort and purge items. Devote the needed time since this process can be emotionally difficult. The benefits of moving with less clutter are huge.

Be Ruthless About Cutting Clutter

As you decide what to keep or discard, apply a minimalist filter - does the item still provide utility or joy? If not, part with it. Avoid vaguely holding onto items for "someday" uses. Categorize each possession as keep, donate/sell, recycle, trash. Don't carry clutter to your new Winnipeg home.

Start With Harder Areas First

It's tempting to tackle easier spaces first but initially focus on cluttered areas like basements, attics, garages, and storage closets. digging deep to sort and purge formerly neglected spaces reduces move volume. Our junk hauling crews can remove the debris quickly.

Protect Cherished Memorabilia

When relocating, fragile or sentimental items deserve special handling - research packing tips and display ideas. Leave transporting breakables like heirlooms or artwork to professional movers rather than risking damage.

Avoid Heavy Lifting Injuries

Loading hundreds of boxes solo can cause sprains and strains. Conserve your energy for organizing while letting professional movers handle loading bulky furniture and boxes efficiently. Focus your pre-move efforts on effective decluttering and packing.

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Your Decluttering FAQs Answered

How long does decluttering before moving take?

Allow several weeks minimum for a thorough home decluttering prior to relocating in Winnipeg. Tackling one room per week works for most living spaces. Larger homes or those with ample storage may take a month or longer to pare down possessions effectively before moving day.

Should I rent a storage unit when decluttering before a move?

Avoid transferring clutter to a storage unit, which prolongs decision-making and costs money monthly. Be extremely selective about what gets stored and for how long. Sort items to keep in your new home, toss, donate or sell.

What supplies do I need to declutter before moving?

Gather essentials like sorting bins/baskets, purge boxes, packing tape, permanent markers, scissors, garbage bags, recycling bags and boxes. Labeling sorted items also helps. Having junk removal crews ready to haul debris is key.

How do I declutter quickly before a Winnipeg move?

Speed up the process by avoiding analysis paralysis over items. Apply the "one year" rule - if not used in a year, discard it. Initially sort into broad categories like keep, toss, donate rather than making fine decisions.

How much decluttering is needed before relocating?

Ideally, pare down enough that your remaining possessions fit comfortably into your new home without feeling crowded. This makes unpacking easier. Our decluttering tips before moving Winnipeg involve aggressive purging - when in doubt, discard it.
Article written by 
Russel Fitzjohn