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Can I Donate My Used Mattress?

If you're wondering what to do with an old mattress you no longer need, donating it is a great option. However, not all charitable organizations accept used mattresses due to concerns over bed bugs, stains, or odour. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about mattress donation guidelines, how to prepare your old mattress, organizations that may accept mattress donations, and how Super Junk can help dispose of mattresses that can't be donated:

Why Are Mattress Donations Important?

Rather than sending used mattresses to the landfill, mattress donations to charitable organizations provide a valuable resource. Gently used mattresses and box springs can be provided to low-income families, homeless shelters, disaster relief programs, refugee resettlement agencies, and more. Mattress recycling programs may also strip down mattress components to make pet beds, carpet padding, and other items.

Donating a quality mattress that's still in good shape makes an incredible impact. It offers a comfortable place to sleep for someone in need. Even cheaper mattresses or those with some wear still have lots of life left with a mattress cover or foam topper. Local charities that accept donated mattresses distribute them directly within your community to help your neighbours.

What Are the Guidelines for Mattress Donation?

When considering where to donate your mattress, it's important to understand what condition it must be in for a charity to accept it. Most charitable organizations have specific guidelines to avoid issues like infestations or excess work disposing of items they can’t use. Common requirements include:

  • No rips, tears, holes or damage
  • No stains or soiling
  • No signs of bed bugs
  • Little to no odour/clean and odour-free
  • Includes all components like foundation
  • Mattress is not mouldy or water-damaged
  • Mattress is newer and in good shape overall

If those guidelines sound strict, it’s for good reason. Damaged or unhygienic mattresses can’t be distributed to vulnerable people or families in need. Charities providing beds rely on the kindness of mattress donors but ultimately can only pass on items meeting their standards. When deciding where to donate a mattress, reviewing all guidelines beforehand ensures it meets requirements and can be used rather than refused.

How Should I Prepare My Mattress for Donation?

To meet donation guidelines, some preparation is likely needed to make sure your old mattress, box spring, or foundation is ready to be donated. Here are some tips:

  • Vacuum mattress thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and allergens.
  • Spot clean any stains using an upholstery cleaner.
  • Sprinkle the entire mattress lightly with baking soda, then vacuum again to freshen.
  • Air out the mattress in sunlight for a few hours if any odour is present.
  • Wrap mattress and foundation in plastic to protect en route if needed
  • Include any pillows, mattress pads, or toppers if in good condition.

Following these steps removes most issues that may make a charity refuse it. This ensures your donated mattress provides comfort to someone in need for years to come. Investing a small amount of time into cleaning and prepping it shows respect for organizations supplying beds to the community. It also gives your quality mattress the best chance to be accepted.

Organizations That Will Accept Mattress Donations

If your gently used mattress meets donation guidelines, several types of charities may take mattress donations depending on their local programs and needs.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army accepts donated household items and furnishings at many local centres. Contact your nearest location to ask if they can take mattress donations based on current needs. Scheduling a pick-up may also be possible.

The Salvation Army focuses assistance on providing basic necessities for less fortunate community members. Mattress donations that allow the distribution of free beds to individuals and families are welcomed. Review Salvation Army mattress guidelines beforehand. Vacuum-sealed plastic wrapping helps protect mattresses en route to donation centres.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat ReStores sell used and surplus building materials to fund Habitat for Humanity home-building programs. Some ReStores accept used mattress donations if they are very clean and newer. Call ahead about current local guidelines.

Humanity ReStores operate independently, so donation guidelines can vary. Stores renovating donated houses may take mattresses for reuse if like new. Others focused just on selling building materials probably won’t. A quick call easily confirms whether they can take mattress donations based on needs.

Local Shelters

Homeless shelters, family shelters, and domestic violence shelters often outfit local housing units and may accept donated beds and mattresses. Check if the bed sizes needed match what you have before dropping off.

Women’s shelters often transition families into temporary transitional housing. Donated mattress sets allow for making these accommodations more comfortable. Mattresses should be vacuum sealed and protected to avoid bringing bed bugs from former homes into shared shelter living spaces. Call ahead to confirm current guidelines and procedures.

Goodwill Industries

While Goodwill does not take mattress donations at all locations, some Goodwill chapters with frequent mattress requests from local partners do accept them when very clean and newer. Contact your nearest Goodwill to learn about local guidelines.

Goodwill aims to turn donated items into funding to fuel community job training programs. Reselling mattresses isn’t typically part of its business model but some locations make exceptions. When partner organizations have urgent needs for mattresses for local families, some Goodwills will accept and pass them along if rules are met.

How Can I Dispose of a Mattress That Isn't Donatable?

If your mattress does not meet donation condition guidelines due to excessive wear, stains, rips, or odour that couldn’t be remedied, you still have options besides putting it out with the trash. While traditional curbside pick-up won’t take mattresses, special pick-up services like Super Junk make mattress disposal quick and easy.

Junk removal companies can properly dispose of any mattress or foundation. Some even partner with recycling programs to keep unusable mattresses out of landfills when possible. Mattresses with bed bugs or mould should never be left curbside and require professional handling.

Even quality mattresses eventually wear out and need replacement. If your mattress isn’t suitable for someone else to use, professional junk hauling ensures it gets disposed of properly. Leave the lifting and loading to experts with the right trucks and personpower. Avoid back injuries or asking friends to help with private disposal.

Contact Super Junk for info about rates, scheduling a pick-up time that’s convenient for you, and how mattresses are eco-responsibly disposed of. Get your house decluttered and reclaim space taken up by an unusable old mattress with timely removal help.

Eliminate the Hassles of Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress By Calling Super Junk

Trying to transport a bulky mattress on your own for donation or disposal is difficult. Save your back and gas by utilizing full-service junk removal. Super Junk offers affordable mattress haul-away services for Winnipeg residents 7 days a week.

Rather than dealing with the uncertainty over whether organizations can take your donation, let us handle scheduling timely junk pick-up at your home's curb. We lift and load all items into our trucks for responsible recycling or disposal.

Stop wondering, "What do I do with my old mattress?" and let the experts at Super Junk help! Call (204) 999-3366 today for pricing, booking and answers to all your mattress removal questions. Our uniformed staff provides reliable furniture removal in Winnipeg, taking the workload off your shoulders. Get free quotes for cost-friendly junk hauling to assist you in getting clutter out the door!

Article written by 
Russel Fitzjohn

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